5 minutes with Richard Cohen


Meet our Global Head of Motorsports Partnership Development

Describe your career in 5 words. 

Adventurous, passionate, challenging, satisfying, honourable.
As Global Head of Motorsports for the Partnership Development division at CSM, can you talk us through the Rights team's new approach to sales and what this means for the business moving forwards? 

Certainly - the recent restructure was designed to increase efficiencies and scale within the rights team, broadening our reach, while more effectively modulating the three areas of sales we’re able to control: to whom we sell, what we sell, and how we sell. This has been possible by introducing a formidable sales operations support function, complementing a more unified and specialist sales team.  

The Rights division has grown significantly in the last 12 months, particularly in the US and APAC regions. How have you seen this develop so far within motorsport, and where do you see this going in the future? 

As motorsport sponsorship and partnerships evolve to meet the needs of ever more progressive marketeers, CSM must develop new asset types and brand extensions - such as content formats to augment performance marketing, mixed reality propositions, and big data solutions - in order to remain leaders in our field and grow the business. For this we need to recruit specialists in a multitude of areas.

This plethora of new inventory will appeal to a much broader range of global businesses, increasing opportunities for outreach, and requiring a larger team.

By working collaboratively alongside our rights-holders on re-engineering their respective partnership strategies, we have the ability to engage with a more eclectic group of prospects, and the creative freedom to develop bespoke partnership agreements.

Our desire to capitalize on, and lead the creation of this new sponsorship landscape, is the fuel that drives the expansion of our Rights division. Leading with curiosity and credibility, we intend to be trailblazers in its evolution.
Working with a number of high-profile rights-holders over the years, what has been your highlight and why?  

As a relatively new starter at CSM, working across Formula 1 and Formula E - the pinnacles of their respective domains - is an absolute thrill.

As a committed motorsport fan, working with the most technologically advanced and progressive motorsport on the planet, Formula 1, has been, and continues to be, both exhilarating and inspiring. It truly is the pinnacle of advanced engineering and human performance.

Alongside this, Formula E is very much carrying the torch for what is becoming one of the most significant, and fastest growing areas of the automotive world. It simultaneously creates thrilling racing, whilst also driving the uptake of electric vehicles. It is undoubtedly making them more appealing, more exciting, and is assisting with their technological development – which I have the utmost admiration for.

When not at work, what would we find you doing? 

Spending as much time as possible with my children, before they recognize how fundamentally flawed Daddy is! I have a 12 year-old son, Adam, and 9 year-old daughter, Ella, and they still want little more than to spend time with me. Maximising time with my kids, and wife Anat – going on outdoor adventures, climbing trees, flying a kite on the beach, attending music festivals – there are few things I enjoy more… though Adam and Ella may already prefer racing their MX bike, and riding horses, respectively!