5 minutes with Stacey Knight


Meet our Commercial Director, CSM Live

Describe your career in 5 words 

More exciting than an astronaut
In your previous roles you have been responsible for surprising and delighting audiences. Now you have been at CSM Live for the last 6 months what has surprised and delighted you about your role and the business as a whole? 

Every day is utterly different, from speaking to a broad spectrum of clients, working on some of the most exciting tenders and learning from some of the smartest people in the industry. However, on top of this and certainly for me, the biggest delight has been understanding the sheer spectrum of what we can offer, the potential of where we can grow our business and just how committed the CSM family are to continued growth and success. We have a clear vision, mission and strategy. Everyone is engaged at every level and now, more than ever, we are going to take the world by storm. Expect even bigger, even better and more hair colours than you can shake a stick at 😉.
In your time at JCDecaux you worked on some very cool campaigns, what stands out as a highlight and why?
I had a great time at JCDecaux and worked on some truly fantastic campaigns. Within JCDecaux I created and launched Blue, the creative experiential agency, which was responsible for delivering amazing and engaging activations for the likes of Ghostbusters and other huge blockbusters, for Audi and Stella Artois. However, the recent Jurassic World campaign found a way to be my favourite. I recreated the Isle of Nublar in Waterloo station, took over Kings Cross with a life-size TREX outbreak, had Jurassic World container crates with an immersive VR experience and so much more. For me though this feels small fry compared to our plans and the conversations I’ve been having since being at CSM Live.

What is it that excites you about experiential in 2019?

We are on the precipice of huge change as more brands than ever before see the ROI of experiential and as a result revenue into this areas continues to grow exponentially. I can’t wait to make the industry and consumers sit up and take notice of CSM Live and what we can offer. As consumers ourselves we are continuously bombarded with advertising but rarely is it relevant and rarely does it resonate with us. Great experience marketing can disrupt routine, make us stop, assess and engage like nothing else. We are in an industry where magic can be truly created and more importantly it delivers on multiple levels, bottom line profit, brand equity even social amplification!
When not at work, what would we find you doing?

Ok so I have some pretty unusual hobbies by most standards. I am a 4th dan weapons martial artist in both iaido (Japanese sword fighting) and Jodo (sword and staff), I spend 5 days a week weight lifting, plus I’m a keen sky diver. Think a body building samurai at 14,000 feet!