AFFL talks growth and innovation


New York event looks to the future of flag football

The American Flag Football League (AFFL) is an update of America's pigskin pastime. Remaining authentic to the sport of football, it is a new combination of elite athleticism and technology featuring exhilarating speed and precision. In the words of Jeff Lewis, CEO and Founder of the AFFL, the game represents "a meeting place... a half step away from traditional football and a half step away from 7-on-7. It’s a mix.”
On Thursday, February 21, we hosted more than 50 guests at our New York office to discuss the future of flag football. Featuring former NFL athletes and current AFFL players Michael Griffin and Jerrod Johnson, AFFL CEO & Founder Jeff Lewis, and journalist Jeff Eisenband, the event brought together media, brands and sports industry executives alike for an exciting discussion about the growth and innovation of the sport of flag football and AFFL as a league.

And that future looks bright. As Jerrod Johnson, former Texas A&M standout, said: “The number of parents that are sending their kids to play flag football is only growing – it’s only healthy for the sport of football.”

It was a sentiment backed up by Jeff Lewis who discussed the interest and excitement surrounding the 2019 AFFL season: "In just three weeks, we have more than 500 teams signed up and more than 3,000 players." There is certainly huge anticipation around the 2019 instalment of the American Flag Football League, and we are hugely excited to be on that journey with them.