Intel event drives esports engagement


Dave Mingey features in Sports Business Journal

Managing Director of CSM Advisory Group in North America, Dave Mingey, features in Sports Business Journal as he shares his views on the esports tournament which is taking place near the Olympic Park in Gangneung, South Korea, in the days leading up to the Pyeongchang Games opening ceremony 2018.

The tournament has been arranged by Intel, who signed a 8 year deal with the IOC in June. Although it seems the event is purely a marketing activation, the IOC is involved in the planning and will attend the event in order to evaluate whether esports will have a place at the Olympics in the future.  

“Along with revenue, the leadership in Lausanne recognizes that their sponsors can help them drive innovation and create dynamic audience engagement in ways they never could alone,” Mingey said. “And in turn this also creates greater opportunity for those sponsors to positively influence the direction of the movement."

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