Design that drives brands forward


A Look Inside Our In-House Creative Think Tank

Creating unique ways to impact consumers is a full-time job for all team members at the agency; however, there is one team in particular that is primarily responsible for immersing attendees in a brand’s authentic story, enveloping guests with the emotion of the experience and creating opportunities to share those feelings: the creative team.

From concept to completion, our in-house creative team functions as one giant think tank made up of 12 unique individuals with a team mentality to make beautifully simple (and effective) work. Each member of the team, from graphic designer to art director, works to become seamless extensions of the brands that they work on by fully immersing themselves in the product and culture to understand the mind of the consumer and the mind of the client.

Our creative team’s multi-disciplinary background allows them to work in physical and digital environments across lifestyle, sports, entertainment, and technology with the over-arching philosophy of creating innovative and immersive work that cuts through the noise. Over the years, they have created events, stunts and campaigns for major brands such as Apple, REI, NBPA, Super Bowl Host Committee, IFC, Oath, NBC, Coca-Cola and TBS.

On-demand creativity doesn’t happen effortlessly. They work hard to inspire one another every day. From daily group lunches to monthly craft activities to quarterly off-sites, our creative team is always looking for new sources of creativity and inspiration. They continuously operate as a giant, collective, and ongoing brainstorm that is always looking to draw from one another’s backgrounds, life experiences and personalities.

Part of what makes this team so successful and inspirational is their unique backgrounds and experience. In one corner, we have Nico, a renaissance man of many talents who specializes in video, animation and composing original music. When Nico is not collaborating with one of his many clients, Nico serves as our in-house video guru heading up all external facing promotion of the agency’s work including award submissions, pitch decks, and compelling animations that live across social.

In another corner, we have Ariel, a classically trained industrial designer who began her career in luxury and high-fashion events. Ariel most recently took the reins on our Godless program for Netflix, transforming an empty storefront in Soho into the “Godless General Store” that truly transported attendees back to an American Western saloon from the 1880s—specifically inspired by the show's setting of La Belle, New Mexico.

In corner number three, we have Natasha and her pup Zoe, the Dachshund creative team mascot. Natasha comes from a background in graphic design, creating storytelling presentations for TV Networks. In her first weeks with us, Natasha helped to transform Dylan’s Candy bar into a Mindy Kailing haven, rebranding a food truck, candy products, and the entire storefront of the flagship location.  

Finally, in corner number four, we have Carter, leading the entire creative team. Her passion in sculpture and graphic design has driven her to see things in a different light. She began her career in Kansas City working in creative strategy and design that targeted low-income consumers. A decade ago, Carter followed her passion for creative communication to NYC to find ways to integrate her loves of wood-working and metal fabrication into a career. Carter is currently at the helm of one of our most exciting and innovative programs, helping to launch Fotografiska New York, a photography museum that originated in Stockholm. She has been given the unique task of not only experience design for the museum’s pre-launch and launch events, but also the entire creative content strategy and visual brand positioning that will be introduced to New Yorkers in the coming months.

These four team members are just a sample of the vastly diverse thinkers we have on our creative team driving brands forward.

The creative team here is the cherry on top of our already delicious sundae. With constant brainstorm sessions, industry trend insights, and real life experiences, our creative team is able to take campaigns, both digital and experiential, to the next level. The ever-evolving marketplace drives us to be a think tank that pushes the limits and breaks the rules of tradition.