Football's super spenders report


Analysing the five most football-loving countries in Europe

Today, we have launched a report that analyses the five most football-loving countries in Europe: Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France, to better understand their respective sponsorship landscapes. The research has uncovered 2,289 sponsorship deals, involving 1,606 companies in 55 different sectors, which results in an investment of approximately €4,043 million euros across these five nations.

From financial services to tyre brands, the report highlights the interesting breadth of sectors that invest in football, and offers significant insights and comparisons across the European countries evaluated; all pointing towards potential exciting opportunities available in both the short and long run.

At a time when the football sponsorship landscape is becoming increasingly cluttered, brands are finding it difficult to make meaningful connections with their target audiences. This report offers invaluable intel into where the opportunities are, and more importantly, how they compare to those available in other countries, ensuring our clients achieve the cut through they desire.
CSM Spain have produced this report to delve into the statistics and insights for those looking to get into football sponsorship. If you would like more information about the report, please contact Iñigo Escrivá de Romaní, Director of Consulting, CSM Spain (