Is F1 on the right track?


Scott Branch reviews the current state of F1 for Sport Business

On the track, 2018 provided us with another entertaining Formula 1 season. Lewis Hamilton, in particular, would have enjoyed it more than most. The British driver produced perhaps his most consistent and complete season in an F1 car, withstanding some early season pressure from Ferrari's Sebastien Vettel to secure his fifth world title and his second back-to-back championship win. 

Whilst it may have been more of the same on the grid, though, there were plenty of exciting developments elsewhere in the world of Formula 1 that got both fans and experts talking. With that in mind, Scott Branch, our Head of Communications, sat down with SportBusiness to review the 2018 Formula One season from a commercial perspective, and look ahead to what is in store for 2019. Click here to read Scott's thoughts.