Millions commit to Join The Pact


Join The Pact delivers 5 million commitments to never drink and drive a year early

Our long standing work with Johnnie Walker’s #JoinThePact campaign to encourage millions to make a commitment to never drink and drive has reached its goal of five million commitments a year early. Partnered since 2008, we've activated in over 40 countries across five continents, with the support of two-time Formula One World Driver’s Champion and Johnnie Walker’s Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador, Mika Häkkinen.

To celebrate this milestone, Mika appeared on national and regional broadcast including Sky News Radio, BBC Worldwide, BBC Leeds, BBC Devon, City Talk, and BBC Scotland. Commenting on the milestone Mika said: “It is an amazing achievement to have reached over five million commitments to never drink and drive. I look forward to continuing this great journey, and I hope people will join in and give their commitment.”

To further highlight the importance of anti-drink driving awareness campaigns, Häkkinen visited the Houses of Parliament to address MPs, generating positive feedback and commitments to distribute the campaign in local constituencies.

Following the success of #JoinThePact, parent company Diageo announced a tenfold increase in its next target – aiming to secure 50 million pledges by 2025.