NFL takes over Twickenham


CSM Live help the NFL takeover the home of rugby

When the NFL rolls into town, they don't do things by halves, they jump all in and ensure everyone knows about it. CSM Live were on hand to help the NFL take over every inch of Twickenham.

For the last two weekends of October, we converted Twickenham from the home of rugby, into a spectacular NFL stadium experience. Every glass pane was stickered with Subway and NFL, every pillar wrapped; every available space branded and no expense spared. As opportunities go for us to showcase our world-class stadium branding expertise and experience, this was it. With such huge interest in the NFL, our work would have been broadcast to millions across the United States and globally.


This year the NFL were celebrating 10 years of the London Games and Twickenham hosted two fixtures, the first of which saw the LA Rams demolish the Arizona Cardinals. This was followed a week later with the Minnesota Vikings taking on the Cleveland Browns in a more even and memorable game.

For this big project we worked closely with the NFL to advise on, produce and deliver all branding requirements across Twickenham, ensuring key opportunities and spectator routes were captured and brought to life.