Promoting the Verizon IndyCar Series


higher engagement rates for Paddock Insider in 2018

Verizon’s social channel promoting the Verizon IndyCar Series, Paddock Insider, provides behind the scenes content on Twitter and Instagram, giving fans access to the entire series unlike any other sponsorships. With positive momentum in IndyCar achieved through increased attendance, a new aero kit, and a new TV deal with NBC starting in 2019, Paddock Insider has also seen increased engagement on its channels through original content captured during IndyCar Media Day in February, which can be seen here.

The social accounts also serve as the hub for Verizon’s rewards for their customers. For the 102nd Indianapolis 500, Paddock Insider gave 40 Verizon customers access to Verizon Pit View on the pit lane during qualifying weekend. Customers were also rewarded with 20 IndyCar two-seater rides and four fans were given the opportunity to wave the green flag during qualifying. On Twitter, PI accumulated 725,000+ impressions and 24,700+ engagements, while on Instagram it totaled 143,000+ impressions and 11,500+ engagements. Twitter saw a 45 percent increase in impressions and Instagram a 308 percent increase during May’s largest motorsport event.