Record-breaking drones


Breaking world records with the Drone Racing League

To garner international media attention and drive tune-in for DRL’s World Championship finale, we worked with the Drone Racing League (DRL) to launch the speediest stunt of all-time: setting a world record for fastest racing drone on earth.

Earlier this month the DRL, the global leader in professional drone racing, unveiled the fastest drone on the planet, and set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter.

The record-breaking drone, the DRL RacerX, zooms at a never-seen-before top speed of 179.6 miles per hour. Putting DRL’s proprietary technology to the test and pushing the limits of drone design at DRL, the league's Director of Product, Ryan Gury, and their team of world class engineers hand-built the drone in-house.


In order to set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, the drone needed to fly back and forth across a measurement course of 100 m (328 ft.), with the official record set as the average of the top speed achieved on each of those flights, which was captured as 163.5 miles.

Gury flew the drone along a field in the state of New York and clocked in at the record speed while a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudicator was on-site to verify the attempt. Earlier, prototypes of the drone burst into flames when hitting its highest point of acceleration due to the amount of power being applied. 

We developed press materials, pitched story opportunities and coordinated interviews with DRL executives, landing hundreds of press hits including FortuneGizmodo, and The Daily Mail.

A few facts about the RacerX: Weighing only 800 grams (1.76 pounds), the RacerX flies with its:

  • 800 grams in weight
  • 46,000 RPMs
  • 10S (42V) Powertrain
  • 80A (10S) ESCs / BLHeli with Multishot
  • TMotor F80 2407 2500kv
  • 1300mah 2 x 5S R-Line Tattu Lithium Polymer Batteries


For more speed, fans can tune into the 2017 DRL Allianz World Championship finale on ESPN on July 28, 2017 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time -- as elite pilots compete with DRL custom designed and hand built pro racing drones through incredible three-dimensional racecourses in iconic venues across the world.