Pitching up for 2019


A look ahead to what next year's UK festival scene has in store

Gina Waite, Senior Account Manager

Whilst it may have been an unseasonably warm October, summer is well and truly over; and with that the festival season has come to an end. So now feels the right time to take stock and examine what 2019 has in store: a jam-packed festival calendar to keep revellers (and brands) two stepping all the way through the summer months. 

The big hitter is back in action after a year of fallow. True to form, 2019 guarantees legend slots; the biggest headliners and the weird, wacky and wonderful. Stunning crowds across nearly a hundred stages. 
The line-up: There are no limits. From the biggest names that take over the Pyramid stage; to the world class DJ’s that reside in the Beat Hotel; to the random bloke with a ukulele that you stumble across whilst trying to buy a flapjack. Glastonbury really does have it all covered. All genres for all generations.
Revellers: ANYONE. And that’s what makes it so magical. From toddlers in ear defenders, hippies with dreadlocks, old school ravers that have dug out the UV paint, hipsters rocking socks and sandals, Grandpas, Aunties, Uncles and the rest. 
Brand fit: Those with a purpose. Eco friendly and charitable. Offering something back to the festival.
Didn’t manage to get a ticket? Try:
Nothing compares, so don’t even try to match it.

Oxfordshire has a lot to be proud of, from the university that brought us Albert Einstein to its spectacular architecture and stunning countryside. And Wilderness is no exception. A beautiful festival in a beautiful setting, full of beautiful people and beautiful things. 
The line-up: In-between gourmet dining experiences and comedy sessions you can sit back and enjoy some tunes from wholesome bands and soloists that fit perfectly into the setting.
Revellers: Those that appreciate the finer things in life. David Cameron was caught supping G&Ts a few years ago. Say no more.
Brand fit: Happy, healthy, nourishing luxury. Think Naked bars over Kit Kats. Coconut water over Coca Cola.

Didn’t manage to get a ticket? Try:
Festival Number 6; a boutique haven in Wales.
Kendal Calling; Standon Calling - family friendly fun.

This festival duo is a right of passage for 16-year-old boys; providing them with the perfect opportunity to learn the joys of weeing in a cup and then launching it into the air. 

The line-up: despite the risk of being tipped in a portaloo, they still draw some of the biggest acts in rock and pop. From Nirvana to Eminem, to the Kings of Leon and the Libertines. The music won’t disappoint. 
Revellers: Young men that need house training and extremely tolerant young girls that have had too many WKDs to care. 
Brand fit: Affordable, something that the youth can splurge on with the remainder of their allowance. Primark was a sponsor this year. Prime example.

Didn’t manage to get a ticket; try:
Rize - the new V Festival; a more sugar-coated option for the post-GCSE generation.
Boardmasters - a chance to get some Vitamin Sea along with a beachier line up. 

The home of EDM, neon lights and pyrotechnics. Full of hands-In-the-air commercial belters.

Revellers: Hedonistic young ravers seeking fast thrills. 
The line-up: DJs that do more working of the crowd than they do mixing, the likes of Sigma, Martin Sloevig, Armin Van Buuren.

Brand fit: Brands that give quick gratification and make you feel good after a heavy night before. High sugar and energy laden necessary.

Didn’t manage to get a ticket? Try:
SW4 takes over Clapham Common for one weekend only. Move over yummy mummies.

One of the most creative festivals out there, for people to get well and truly lost in. An entire town pops up in Hampshire and it is not for the faint hearted. Made up of 11 districts, it’s full of theatre that packs a punch alongside the heavy tunes. 
The line-up: Hardcore. Psy-trance, dub and drum & bass feature heavily.

Revellers: Free spirits finding themselves in every corner. 
Brand fit: The weirder and wackier the better. Think the Cadbury bar with popping candy in. 

Didn’t manage to get a ticket? Try:
Bestival - a much gentler beautifully curated wonderland.

Ramp up the feel-good factor at this wellness haven and you’d be forgiven for getting it mixed up with a retreat. Music takes a backseat to the real headliners that are centred around yoga, mindfulness and self-care. 
The line-up: Laid back and lovely. A bit of Jazz, a bit of reggae, bit of folk and a bit of soul.
Revellers: Virtuous young professionals and mums that can easily wrap their legs around their head. 
Brand fit: Think organic. Think superfoods. Captain Kombucha or Meridian peanut butter for instance.

Didn’t manage to get a ticket? Try:
Wellness festivals are ten a penny these days with the likes of Soul Circus and Day Breakers. Go to Green Man to upweight music over wellness but still go home feeling refreshed.