The Drone Racing League


Helping the DRL enjoy more public recognition and visibility than ever before

Drone Racing may not be a sport you are familiar with however this non-traditional sport has received more public recognition and visibility in the last year than ever before.
An example of this exposure for the sport and specifically our client, the Drone Racing League (DRL), was in Fast Company where it was named as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2017 and the 3rd most innovative sports company in the world. We are challenged to help the sport build its story through coverage in top-tier publications, such as Fast Company.

In February we also announced DRL’s multi-year, global partnership with one of the world’s top insurance brands, Allianz, securing coverage in ForbesAd Age, and SportsBusiness Journal.


As the title sponsor of DRL’s elite race circuit, Allianz will leverage its motor racing heritage to bring the Sport of the Future to a rapidly growing worldwide audience. The partnership will focus on expanding DRL’s global fan base across three key verticals:
  • Title Sponsorship of the Race Circuit – The “Allianz World Championship” will consist of six professional DRL races in the 2017 season; Allianz will have the lockup logo displayed on the uniforms of DRL pilots, on the starting podiums and throughout the intricate, three-dimensional courses. 
  • Venues and New International Markets – As part of the Allianz World Championship, DRL will host races each year at Allianz venues, including Allianz branded stadiums and corporate facilities.
  • Broadcast – The Allianz World Championship will air as 12 one-hour episodes. The upcoming season will air in more than 75 countries on renowned broadcast channels, including ESPN/ESPN2 in North and South America, Sky Sports in Italy and the UK, and Prosieben in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 
Check out DRL’s new video.