7 Roles

How you can get involved

Welcome to the last article in our week of pieces exploring the eras of women’s sport. Along the way you’ve heard the story of the first two eras of women’s sport and seen the opportunities that the 3rd presents. Today, it’s time to explore how you and your brand/agency/talent can play a role in its future.

We passionately believe that women’s sport has the power to efficiently and compelling deliver on all sorts of companies’ business and brand objectives. And to help our clients define their role within the space, we have devised 7 roles that brands can play.

To illustrate these further, we have pulled together some of the case studies we’re proudest of here at CSM, which you can see below.

As we speak, we’re working on some really exciting projects with Biz Leaders and Visionaries… watch this space!

Women’s sport has come so far, but this is just the beginning. At CSM, we are hungry to keep driving it forwards; with you and the wider industry it is our collective responsibility. Together, we can all help define and shape Women’s Sport 3.0.

What role will you play?