At CSM, we are resolutely committed to supporting and advancing women’s sport.

Our volume of work in this space continues to grow, year on year, providing the clearest indication of our steadfast belief in the value of women’s sport.

We know that women’s sport is a commercially viable proposition for partners, and we also recognise that it has a role to play beyond the confines of the pitch. Be it from a cultural, societal or financial perspective, its impact is felt in a myriad of ways, and we are uniquely positioned to ensure its potential is optimised.

We have strong relationships with the biggest players across the industry, globally – including brands, rights holders, athletes and NGOs – and our dedicated team ensure that we are abreast of every aspect of the rapidly evolving landscape.

women sport - AU basketball

The opportunity

Women’s sport has been building momentum over the past decade, with the number of deals, and their value, rising continuously.

With a number of recent record-breaking deals, more women on boards and in executive roles, an increase in female sport events on the calendar, and more player sponsorship deals than ever before, women’s sport continues to make enormous strides.

This makes it one of the fastest growing sectors in the sports industry. Brands and rightsholders have a unique opportunity to play a tangible role in shaping this evolution, and we are here to support them on that journey.

Our expertise

From activation to communication and commercialisation, we know how to create an impact around women’s sport. Below is a flavour of some of the award-winning work we have delivered.

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