Qualitative fan insight

Weekend Project is our proprietary fan insight platform, providing a deeper understanding of the dynamics of modern-day fandom across sports and entertainment. We speak to fans from all walks of life, to understand how they shape and engage in entertainment and media –be that sports, music, activism, gaming, or anything they are passionate about.

Weekend Project

How we do it

We created Weekend Project to understand the ‘why’, ‘what’, and ‘how’ behind fan passions, how these impact and influence modern culture, and how CSM and our clients can benefit from that.

The platform enables an open, two-way dialogue with today’s fans and consumers to engender insights across a range of topics.  This, in turn, enables brands and rights holders to act upon and better engage influential consumer groups at the sharp end of modern culture.

Weekend Project largely focuses on the human truths behind the passion points that we all love, create, participate in, and consume.  By talking to real people about the things they care most about the platform brings colour to the projects we work on, whether that is on behalf of current clients, in new business ventures, or simply to better understand our industry.

The results


We’ve talked to Gen Z creators and learned of their emerging opportunities to turn their passions into careers.  We’ve helped a global FMCG brand better understand the future of brand experiences directly from consumer perspectives.  Weekend Project became that fly-on-the-wall as we followed F1, football, and esports fans over the course of a month and explored how they consumer and enjoy their chosen passion in different ways.  We’re helping Adidas redefine what it means to be a runner and how that influences their consumer engagement strategy.

Weekend Project provides that finger on the pulse of modern fandom, surfacing real human insights that give us a peek at what’s coming next, not necessarily what’s just been.



Weekend Project is yet another proprietary research offering that we can provide clients and prospects to help them achieve their passion and partnership marketing goals. The ability to speak to real people in real time to provide fast-turnaround insights is invaluable as modern culture and entertainment moves at such speed.

Phil McKee
Associate Director
Strategy & Insights

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