Who we are

In 2007 we set out to bring together the best people and businesses in the industry under one roof to challenge the usual suspects. Our family grew quickly; Fast Track, Essentially Group, ICON, iLUKA, JMI, SJX Partners, JHE, LeadDog, Curb and GlideSlope to form a pretty unique team. Nowadays we’re not only one team but one business: CSM. We’ve kept the LeadDog and Essentially brands to give us the flexibility that our clients have been asking for.

Our principles

We're guided by these principles, that combined with our values, form a code of conduct with each other and with our clients.


People buy people, And we have pretty awesome people. People who are brave, curious, open and collaborative. People who never settle for ‘same old, same old’ but push one another with fresh perspectives and new ideas to produce work that others don’t and won’t. We are a team who share the belief that great minds don't always think alike.

A Global Network

1,000 people and a few trusty dogs across 25 locations around the world.