Expo 2017

Advising on the planning of the Expo

With the countdown to the start of the World Expo 2017 becoming ever closer, we were tasked by the Organising Committee to bring our world leading experience and expertise to define a 'Concept of Operations', providing a high-level overview of the key operational elements that are essential to the successful delivery of an Expo.


Bringing together renowned experts in the field of major-event planning and delivery, including experience from the most recent 2015 World Expo, a bespoke project team was formed to develop a series of planning documents. The outputs included developing 22 Functional Area Operating Plans, which defined how key services would be delivered, four Venue Operating Plans (VOPs), which defined how the main Expo Pavilions would be delivered and a Readiness plan, which set out a programme of events and other activities that would ensure the Expo Site was tested and ready in time for the Opening Ceremony.


Expo 2017, themed “Future Energy”, will be held in the Kazakhstan capital, Astana, in 2017, and will be hosted in a brand new 175 hectare Expo Complex. The three month Expo (10thJune to 10th September 2017) is expected to attract 2.08 million visitors and participation from over 100 countries.  The Concept of Operations gave the Organising Committee the state of the art plans that are instrumental in the successful delivery of the world-leading event.