English Cricket Board

Delivering the campaign’s branding for the 15th consecutive Ashes series

The Ashes were looking to build on its long standing relationship with CSM to deliver a unique, end-to-end branding campaign that achieved a consistent look and feel across the Series.

Each test, we delivered the in-ground branding including the stumps, boundaries and pitch side signage. For one day, the Oval was rebranded, turning it completely blue to fundraise for Cricket United. Hardy’s and Waitrose trailers were designed to create a unique experience that showcased products at all tests nationwide.  

The Ashes series was branded with an end-to-end solution that achieved a consistent look throughout. To service the 5 grounds, more than 1,000 hours were spent onsite and 1,000 miles travelled. Our 400 perimeter boards featured 25 sponsors. We also oversaw the same ground branding for the Women’s Ashes Series.