Virgin Sport

Bringing the Hackney Half Marathon to life

Now into its second year, Virgin Sport entrusted us once again to bring to life the Hackney Half Marathon which aims to change the way people view mass participation sporting events.

Based on the great design work from our creative team the previous year, the Hackney Half Marathon look was further evolved for 2018. The new look was designed to better represent Virgin Sport’s partnership with Asics whilst still having a brand identity that reflected the fun and vibrancy of the sporting festival.

Overall, 120 flags, 3 super-graphics, two large information towers, tent headers and our crowning piece, the brand-new 3D gantry were all designed and installed by our teams for the mass participation event. This was the first time we have used the 3D gantry for a Virgin Sport event, and it was greatly received by both the client and spectators as it gave the event a seamless effect.

The Hackney Half welcomed around 16,200 participants with around 40,000 people attending in total. The success of the event over the last two years has prompted Virgin Sport to increase the event to a two full day festival next year, which shows just how much the event has grown in just two years.