Memorial Day Weekend

Creating an emotional connection with NASCAR fans.  

Our team worked closely with Hisense, the first Chinese-based brand in NASCAR, to increase awareness by making a positive impact at the Memorial Day race in Charlotte, NC

As the first Chinese-based brand in NASCAR, Hisense wanted to make a meaningful connection to fans through the Hisense 300 race. Their brand awareness in America is low and they were keen to build foundations with fans to be viewed favourably.


We developed a campaign to celebrate military members and veterans ensuring the meaning of Memorial Day was reinforced at the Hisense 300 and NASCAR views would engage positively with the brand. A competition was run to invite military members to submit videos to the Hisense Facebook page and for the lucky winner to act as the “Grand Marshal” for the race.

100’s of submissions were received, the promotion of the campaign doubled Hisense’s social media following in the month of May alone. The live broadcast of the race including the military member’s special moment was broadcast live to 1.9 million TV viewers. Hisense gifted a number of TV’s to camps, bases and hospitals to further underpin their commitment to supporting the US military forces.