Creating an Executive Learning Lab to maximize Gatorade's Olympic association

In 2012, buoyed by its ever evolving positioning and product strategy, Gatorade was looking to examine its place within Global sport, and determine how it could best leverage the power of the Olympics at the London 2012 Games as a non-sponsor.

We created an Olympics “Learning Lab”: a comprehensive, multi-day, diagnostic program, covering the business and cultural environment surrounding the Olympic Games, and presented it to Gatorade stakeholders in London during Gamestime.


The program covered the following areas in-depth:

1. Olympics history and overview from a business perspective
2. In-depth education on “Rule 40” – an Olympic rule that dictates how athletes can be promoted during Gamestime, and its implications and opportunities for Gatorade.
3. Gamestime media relations, and how they differ from those of other properties.
4. Brand Activation: From both an Official Sponsor and ambush marketer perspective
5. Athlete Servicing and product integration.

The Learning Lab delivered Gatorade invaluable insights into how to best leverage future Global sport initiatives for the Olympics and beyond. Satisfied with our work, Gatorade hired CSM for another iteration of the Learning Lab at the Rio 2016 Games for their LATAM Executive Leadership Team, in which a comprehensive overview on the updated Rule 40 was delivered.