Basketball Champions League

The Basketball Champions League (BCL) is a continental basketball competition, organised by FIBA, bringing together some of the best talents, renowned clubs and historical powerhouses of the sport across Europe. In the 2018/2019 season, the tournament involved 56 teams out of 45 European countries, adding up to 300 games played over the course of eight months.
Our work with the BCL is another example of our expertise and capabilities in producing and delivering impactful event branding that brings elite sports competitions to life. From the early stages of the regular season of the competition, we had 27 signage managers consulting at every basketball club involved. On the production side, we notably supplied all BCL branding to clubs across the continent, including thousands of items such as press and flash interview backdrops, court stickers, rim branding, and foul counters. This constituted an extraordinary piece of logistical work, as we assisted a total of 32 teams from 15 countries.
The BCL culminates in the Final Four, where the top four teams, after regular season and playoffs, compete for the title in a weekend of elite basketball, with semi-finals followed by a 3rd/4th playoff and a final.

This year, the Final Four brought together four teams from four different countries: Brose Bamberg from Germany, Iberostar Tenerife from Spain, Segafredo Virtus Bologna from Italy and Telenet Giants Antwerp from Belgium. The games were played in the Sportpaleis, one of the largest indoor venues in Europe with an 18'500 seating capacity, located in Antwerp.
Having created a unique event identity for last year’s BCL Final Four in Athens, we adapted the look and feel to reflect the host city Antwerp: keeping some of the graphic language such as typography as well as the eye-catching trophy at the centre of the visual narrative (alluding to a crown and European basketball royalty. The colour palette was carefully evolved to integrate more red, representing the host nation (Belgium) and club (Telenet Giants Antwerp), whilst retaining the same overall aesthetic established last season.
Subsequently, we brought the creative concept to life in the arena, as we delivered the event branding, as well as the wayfinding signage in and around the Sportpaleis. Some highlights of our work for the Final Four included branding the player’s tunnel, the hospitality centre, public entrance and delivering media and flash interview backdrops as well as court stickers.

We enhanced the sense of culmination of a season, elevating the BCL Final Four with a location-specific brand identity and creating a colourful experience for players, fans and everyone involved.

The 2019 Basketball Champions League Final Four enjoyed remarkable success, recording the biggest ever attendance for a club basketball game in Belgium as well as millions in TV audience and social media impressions. On the court itself, Virtus Bologna were crowned champions after beating Iberostar Tenerife 73-61 in the final, while Telenet Giant Antwerp defeated Brose Bamberg in the match for 3rd place.