Designing the FIBA Intercontinental Cup brand identity


As FIBA, the world governing body for basketball, set out to launch a new era for the Intercontinental Cup, aiming to build a distinctive and dynamic event brand, our creative team were awarded the opportunity to design the new look.

The FIBA Intercontinental Cup is an annual competition bringing together four elite basketball teams from around the world to compete in a weekend of world-class action. This year saw AEK from Greece, Austin Spurs from the United States, Flamengo from Brazil and San Lorenzo from Argentina going head-to-head in the iconic Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

We put months of work into creating a new brand identity that would be visually striking at first sight, both in the digital and physical space, and that would communicate the essence of a prestigious competition featuring some of the best basketball talents of the world.

Our approach was built on the power of four; from the arching lines moving through the event logo, to the fluid graphic language inspired by a series of dynamic basketball movements, to the brand new trophy itself.

A practical consideration was to create something that people would remember and that would leave a legacy – a brand that could be used beyond this year’s edition. Therefore, we developed two versions of the identity: a default, off-event style for ongoing use, presented in the core FIBA brand palette, and an ‘on-event’ version presented in an authentic and unique location-specific palette each year.

This approach provides a consistent foundation on which to build and maintain the event profile, with the flexibility to adapt the set of visual tools to showcase the host nation from the announcement, through promotion and into the live arena. 

As Rio de Janeiro was the host for 2019, its first outing was a carnival of colour, a visual representation combining the brand identity of the competition itself and the identity of the host country, Brazil.

The new brand visually brings to life the idea of the FIBA Intercontinental Cup as a special occasion to celebrate basketball around the world. It also refreshes its image as a compelling and competitive competition that attracts elite players, teams and the support of basketball fans.

As this year’s edition was the first ever to feature the reigning champions of the NBA G League, Basketball Champions League and DIRECTV Liga de las Americas, the sense of a new era for the Intercontinental Cup was further strengthened with the renewed brand design. In the competition itself, AEK were crowned champions after beating Flamengo in the Final at Carioca 1 Arena in Rio de Janeiro, while San Lorenzo prevailed in the 3rd place as they beat Austin Spurs.

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