Formula E

Electrifying the World of Motorsport


Formula E were looking for a communications programme that would elevate the series from a niche to a mainstream sport, and in doing so expand the fan base exponentially. Our approach was a two-year strategy: ‘Be Seen, Be Known, Be Loved’.

Through our research into the existing and potential Formula E fan, we were able to identify five key interests that informed our media targets: sport, travel, tech, culture and the environment.

Our initial focus was on driving volume and consistency of coverage in key media (Be Seen); in doing so, we educate our audience (Be Known); as a result, they become loyal and highly engaged advocates of Formula E (Be Loved).

The success has been instant. In just three months we have delivered more than 1bn OTS with 72% of these stories featuring a key Formula E message, encouraging more fans to watch on TV and attend races.

Our news-gathering technique in Hong Kong and Marrakesh has driven regular coverage in titles that have previously been closed to Formula E, including the BBC, The New York Times, The Mirror, Men’s Health, Bild and Blick.

We have also bridged the narrative gap between races through smart lifestyle opportunities, ensuring Formula E is front of mind even when the racing is turned off.