Miller Genuine Draft

Miller Music Amplified

Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) tasked us with creating a credible music program for the brand, bringing to life the energy and excitement of the world’s greatest cities at night.

We built MGD a unique music platform, Miller Music Amplified. Developing on from the previous DJ-led campaign Miller SoundClash, we sought to bring exceptional music moments to more consumers worldwide. Partnering with global superstars Bastille in year one of the campaign, Miller Music Amplified provided competition-winners and consumers with an exceptional once-in-a lifetime experience to enjoy in Buenos Aires.

The Miller Music Amplified experience was driven by a 360-campaign delivered in 20 global markets. A limited edition Miller Music Amplified can was also produced to drive further interest and engagement in the new platform, whilst a headline key visual was used across all touchpoints, including OOH, On-trade, Off-trade, Digital and Press.  As a result, more than 5000 consumers entered the competition for a chance to win the exceptional 4-day experience and watch Bastille perform live.

After a 6-month campaign, the party arrived in the Argentinian capital, where 800 music fans, guests and competition winners were treated to a range of memorable experiences. Bringing together 15 markets from across the world, the exclusive 4-day event featured four spectacular parties, with performances by four bands from around the world, ten global DJs and a show-stopping 45-minute headline performance by Bastille.

Results from the campaign included: 5000+ consumer entries, 20 markets engaged, 17 performances from artists, a press reach of 7.8 million and a social media reach of more than 155m. The content produced from the exclusive Q&A we hosted in Buenos Aires with Bastille also had a reach of over 200K. We also ran both an On-trade & Off-trade Miller Genuine Draft activation, which saw an average sales increase of 32.5%.