Pacific Wine and Spirits all state meeting

Diageo’s objective was to create an immersive yet memorable experience for all attendees to inform them on upcoming Diageo products, marketing and sales techniques. The environment that was created needed to leave a long-lasting impression on all attendees so that Diageo products would be front and center all throughout the year. Diageo has been a CSM client since 2004 and this was the third consecutive PWS event that CSM has assisted with.

Pacific Wine and Spirits (PWS), an alcohol distributor, hosts an All-State sales meeting in California. The purpose is to bring sales reps together to educate them on industry-specific trends. Diageo was responsible for planning and executing five different rooms at the event that the attendees would rotate through. The different room themes, which portrayed Diageo business-related topics consisted of Innovation, Digital, Beating the Competition, Whiskey and World Class Bartending Competitions.

The fundamental elements of the solutions were achieved by discussing the theme of each room with Diageo. We had to ensure the room theme could be recognized with decorations, furniture and atmosphere. According to Diageo, the event was a success which was the goal we wanted to achieve. Diageo was so pleased with the work they asked us to work on the 2017 event at the conclusion of the 2016 event.
            “Thanks for everything. I think it went really well. We will definitely call you guys next year.” – Mike McGill, VP, Diageo West Division
            “Thanks so much for everything. I think the Diageo team and all of the guests were really pleased with the sunglasses. Let’s start planning for next year soon!” – Shannon Hanselaar, Cultivate Premium Gifts (vendor for sunglass gifting on-site)