The Drone Racing League

Launching the League

We always looks to partner with industry-disruptors, so working with The Drone Racing League (DRL) to help grow the sport through strategic PR and communications was a great partnership to develop.

The launch was extremely powerful with DRL’s video reaching more than 2 million viewers, making a ton of noise.
In addition, there were 4,000+ articles from top-tier outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and NBC’s The TODAY Show, helping to grab the attention of 38 billion media impressions worth more than $8 million of publicity value.


Representing nearly 60% of the public share of voice throughout the year, DRL dominated the conversation on drone racing. PR coverage and overall brand positioning has allowed DRL to bring on high-value sponsors, including Allianz as a multi-year title sponsor and investor. Additionally, following a successful brand launch, DRL was able to secure a broadcast partnership with ESPN, bringing the Sport of the Future to over 28 million viewers all over the world.